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Character Name: Minato Arisato
Denizen: Thanatos, Greek God of Death

More information to come later.
Future changes will include:
> hair color -> black; skin color -> more Mediterranean; his eyes will probably stay bluegreyish 
> Growing a beard
> wings
> growing more remote & detatched
> urge to go around to creatures and people on the island who die and 'reap' them for lack of a better term; he'll cut a bit of their hair

Current Changes
> Wings (will take effect after the current mirror event)

> mp3 player & headphones (*the headphones are Fuuka's Max S. Link headphones. Their sound is awesome.)
> power: summoning Messiah w/ Salvation - a powerful healing spell

> Lives in Unit Three in the Navy District aka the Persona House
> Works for France as an assistant tailor in Unit Six in the Navy District
> Arrived in Arcanarum on Tuesday, August 2nd
> Underwent a denizen change from the Carp Dragon to Thanatos

Outdated Information:

Original Denizen: The carp who swims up a waterfall and becomes a dragon

When he's in full denizen form, Minato will be Gyarados an East Asian sort of dragon, though with some slight alterations. For one thing, his paws will be webbed, and there will be a caudal fin of sorts along the end of his tail, as well as probably other finlike bits. His coloring is pretty much like a showa koi, maybe? Dark blue/black and orange spots along the top of his head and back, whereas he is otherwise mostly white, particularly underneath. He also has something of a mane that is blue and flops over one eye.  But if he gets very Denizen-like, that might change.  Uh... yep. :)

This is an approximation of his full denizen form, though the coloring is off, and his caudal fin should be more koi-tail-like, but it gives you an idea, right?

Current Changes
> Tail
> Strong desire to be in and around water when possible -- particularly out in the rain
> Claws - more pronounced on his feet, especially as he does his best to keep his nails filed down or trimmed for the sake of not accidentlaly clawing himself or others - or ripping clothing at work! Regain undid this one! 

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Questions? Comments? Complaints?
Please let me know how I'm doing. :) All comments on this post will be screened, and anon posting is totally cool (though I turned ReCaptcha on because spambots are silly things), so feel free to be brutally honest. 
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Email: PM me for it :)
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Minako Arisato [OU] | [personal profile] greatseal | (LVL3,Orpheus) & Minato Arisato [OU] | [personal profile] fools_journey | (LVL3,Messiah)

▶  Hell Flamethrower (Inflicts a large amount of Fire damage on one enemy with a 20% chance of Fear.)
▶  Doremi (Inflicts a large amount of Physical damage twice with a 20% chance of Sleep on an enemy.)
▶  Destroy Your Fears (Medium Dark damage and Medium Light damage on one foe with a 20% chance of sleep)
▶  Keep You Safe (Repels one physical and one magical attack against one ally; (tetrakarn + makarakarn cast in one turn, basically))
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